Is Jos Buttler retiring? (2024)

Is Jos Buttler retiring?

Buttler is the captain of the England cricket team

England cricket team
The England men's cricket team represents England and Wales in international cricket. Since 1997, it has been governed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), having been previously governed by Marylebone Cricket Club (the MCC) since 1903. › wiki › England_cricket_team
in white-ball formats. England cricket team's captain Jos Buttler opened up on retirement after the ICC World Cup 2023
ICC World Cup 2023
The 2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup is the 13th edition of the Cricket World Cup, a quadrennial One Day International (ODI) cricket tournament contested by men's national teams and organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The tournament is being hosted by India. › wiki › 2023_Cricket_World_Cup
which will begin in India on October 5. Buttler, 33, is one of the most important personalities in England cricketing history.

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Will Jos Buttler retire?

Buttler's retirement plans

While expressing his desire to continue representing England, the wicketkeeper-batter hinted that he may consider moving on from One Day Internationals (ODIs) after the conclusion of the ODI World Cup 2023.

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Who will retire after 2023 World Cup?

Having featured in three games during England's disastrous World Cup campaign, Willey announced that he will retire from all international cricket at the end of the team's campaign.

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Who will retire from England cricket team?

David Willey has announced that he will retire from international cricket at the age of 33 after England's final match at the World Cup in India, following the ECB's decision not to offer him a central contract for the 2023-24 cycle.

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Where is Jos Buttler now?

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Is Jos Buttler a keeper?

He was appointed captain of England's limited overs teams in June 2022. He captained England to victory at the 2022 T20 World Cup, top-scoring for England at the tournament. Buttler plays as a right-handed wicket-keeper-batsman.

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Is Jos Buttler a bowler?

A hard-hitting batsman and a wicket-keeper, Jos Buttler quickly built up a reputation for demolishing bowling attacks.

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Which players will retire after World Cup?

​10 Players Who Might Retire From ODI Cricket After World Cup 2023
  • ​10 Players Who Might Retire From ODI Cricket After World Cup 2023. Nov 4, 2023. ...
  • Rohit Sharma. ...
  • Quinton de Kock. ...
  • David Warner. ...
  • Shakib Al Hasan. ...
  • R Ashwin. ...
  • Dimuth Karunaratne. ...
  • Mohammad Nabi.
Nov 4, 2023

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How many years old is Virat Kohli?

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Which World Cup was moved to 2025?

The expanded FIFA 2025 Club World Cup will be held from June 15 to July 13, the game's governing body has confirmed, setting up a 29-day spectacle across the United States. So far, 19 of the 32 participants have been confirmed.

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Can a batsman retire?

1 A batter may retire at any time during his/her innings when the ball is dead. The umpires, before allowing play to proceed, shall be informed of the reason for a batter retiring. 25.4. 2 If a batter retires because of illness, injury or any other unavoidable cause, that batter is entitled to resume his/her innings.

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Which England player retired after World Cup?

David Willey took this call amidst England's ongoing Cricket World Cup campaign. The all-rounder announced on social media that he would retire from all forms of international cricket at the end of this tournament.

Is Jos Buttler retiring? (2024)
Which England player retired?

David Willey has announced he will retire from all forms of international cricket at the end of the ODI World Cup in India.

How good is Jos Buttler?

As he entered his 30s, Buttler reached a new level in short-form cricket, becoming indisputably one of the world's best T20 batters. In 2022, he hit 863 runs in the IPL - the second-most in a single season - including four centuries to take Rajasthan Royals to the final.

Who is Buttler wife?

Which football team does Jos Buttler support?

How many sixes does Jos Buttler have?

Jos Buttler has played 96 matches to date in his IPL career and has scored 3223 runs, with an average of 37.92. He has also slammed 5 centuries and 19 half-centuries, with his highest IPL score being 124 runs. Jos Buttler has hit 319 fours and 149 sixes in his IPL career.

Who is better Buttler or Bairstow?

Bairstow has one more white ball hundred than Buttler and 5 more test match hundreds than Buttler, Bairstow has a higher ODI average (47.91 vs 38.72) and a better Test average (34.14 vs 31.94).

Why is Buttler not in Test Team?

England were right to discard Buttler from their Test side after the 2021-22 Ashes. Fifty-seven Tests had brought some moments of joy but also a lack of fulfilment. The aura of Buttler the limited-overs megastar never entirely transferred to the red-ball batter.

How many centuries does Jos Buttler have in all format?

Jos Buttler has scored 14 international centuries - 2 in Test, 11 in ODI and 1 in T20 Cricket.

Where did Jos Buttler go to school?

What age do World Cup players stop playing?

There is no maximum age limit for participating in the FIFA World Cup.

Is De Kock retiring?

After discussions with the team management, de Kock announced ahead of the World Cup 2023 that he would retire from the ODI format after the tournament. The left-hander has already retired from Test cricket.

How many teams will be in 2025 World Cup?

The tournament is planned to be the first under an expanded format with 32 teams, including the winners of the four previous continental championships. Manchester City are the defending champions.

Who is the father of cricket?

William Gilbert Grace, 18 July 1848 – 23 October 1915, British schoolboy athlete, considered the father of cricket . Grace, a right-handed batsman and bowler, dominated his career. His profound influence and scholarly discoveries left a lasting legacy.


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