Is NFL in London successful? (2024)

Is NFL in London successful?

Since that day, the NFL has continued to grow its brand in the UK by hosting at least one game there every year (with the exception of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic). It was such a success that by 2013, there were two regular season games held in London, and by 2014, there were three.

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Are the London NFL games popular?

NFL in Great Britain

A January 2022 survey showed growing. Thousands of fans visit stadiums hosting the NFL International Series games held in London, with the 2022 match-up between the Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars attracting upwards of 86 thousand supporters at Wembley Stadium.

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Do NFL teams play well in London?

Dating back to 2007, there have been 33 games in London and only one has featured two teams with winning records. While the NFL has rarely pinned two winning teams against one another in England, British fans of American football have still been treated to some good games.

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Is the NFL games in London profitable?

For all that popularity, the games are still losing money, said Mark Waller, the NFL's head of international development. The productions are extraordinarily expensive, and the league has yet to make enough from British broadcast rights, ticket sales and sponsorships to offset the costs.

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How popular is NFL football in the UK?

According to the NFL's official research, they now have more than 13 million fans in the UK, and around 4 million of them are 'avid' fans.

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Do NFL games in London sell out?

The games have been popular, with tickets selling out in two days, nine months in advance. According to the NFL, only 3% of those attending the London games are Americans or American expatriates, while 22% are from London and 60% from elsewhere in Britain.

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What is the point of NFL London games?

The NFL has been staging games in London since 2007, with the long-term goal of the sport being permanently present in the country. This would be achieved by having a team based in London, although this has not yet materialized.

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What is the most liked NFL team in the UK?

popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a american football team. Find out more
  1. 1 Dallas Cowboys25%
  2. 2 Chicago Bears22%
  3. 3 New York Giants22%
  4. 4 Miami Dolphins20%
  5. 5 New England Patriots17%
  6. 6 Green Bay Packers16%
  7. 7 New York Jets16%
  8. 8 Seattle Seahawks16%

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How do NFL teams do after London game?

Since 2016, teams returning from London have gone 9-4 when playing the following week. The Ravens opted not to have a bye following the London trip, with their bye instead coming later in the season during Week 13.

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What NFL team plays in London the most?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten plenty of use out of their passports over the last decade. The franchise has played an NFL-high nine regular season games outside of the U.S. All nine of those contests have been held in London, with seven played at Wembley Stadium and two played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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Is the NFL game in England sold out?

NFL International Game Ticket Packages in London are now SOLD OUT. Sign up below to be notified of future travel package options.

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Do NFL games sell out in Europe?

In 2022, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks treated fans in Munich to such a successful German debut that the NFL decided to play not one but two games in Frankfurt this fall. Next week, the New England Patriots will play the Indianapolis Colts. Both games sold out almost immediately this summer.

Is NFL in London successful? (2024)
How much money does the NFL make in London?

While the NFL's gate revenue from ticket buyers at London's Wembley Stadium has regularly exceeded $30 million in recent years, the series' financials are unclear.

Is the NFL popular in Germany?

Football remains far behind the national sport, but 3.6 million Germans say they are avid N.F.L. fans — that's 25 percent more than in Britain, which has hosted regular-season games since 2007. Interest soared last year when the N.F.L. played its first-ever regular season game in Germany.

Is the NFL growing in England?

The American sport sometimes requires that those across the pond stay up quite late in order to see a full game, and it's not exactly the dominant sport throughout the country. Despite that, American football has grown immensely in the UK just in the last decade.

Is the NFL or NBA more popular in the UK?

According to Ampere Analysis' latest Sports Consumer survey, 10% of UK sports fans say they enjoy the NFL. This is a similar level of popularity to the NBA, while the MLB attracts just 5% of the sample.

Who has the most expensive stadium in the NFL?

What's the most expensive NFL stadium? SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, is the most expensive NFL stadium with a whopping reported cost of $4.9 billion to construct.

What is the cheapest NFL ticket?

Cheapest Tickets

On the other hand, the tickets for a game involving the Atlanta Falcons have the cheapest price of $ 225, followed by Houston Texans ($236) and Arizona Cardinals ($250). How cheap is it?

How many games will the NFL play in London?

The NFL is back in town for an October takeover. London welcomes some of the league's superstars to its shores while playing stage to three regular season games across Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium over three consecutive weeks.

Why should NFL expand to London?

A London NFL franchise would be intended to grow the league's revenues and provide further access to the British and European markets. However, the agreement of league owners is needed to undertake an expansion or relocation, and a London franchise would face financial, legal and logistical challenges.

Why does Jacksonville play in London so much?

Why do the Jaguars always play in London? In 2012, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan signed a deal with the English Football Association to play in London for four consecutive seasons.

Who decides what NFL teams play in London?

That is, the NFL doesn't decide which teams play in London. The league leaves that up to the teams, who volunteer to give up one of their home games. Teams are only willing to give up a home game if they don't have a lot to lose.

What is Europe's favorite NFL team?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the New England Patriots led the way with nearly 10 per cent of tweets about the team coming from Europe.

What NFL team does Canada like? reports that merchandise sales and fan engagement surveys show that the New England Patriots are the most popular team in Canada and QB Tom Brady is the favourite player.

What is the most popular NFL team overseas?

The Dallas Cowboys was the most searched National Football League (NFL) team worldwide between 2019 and 2022, with an average monthly search volume of 5.71 million.


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