Who is Jos Buttler married to? (2024)

Who is Jos Buttler married to?

Jos Buttler (left) and his brother James | ESPNcricinfo.com.

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Does Jos Buttler have a brother?

Jos Buttler (left) and his brother James | ESPNcricinfo.com.

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What school did Jos Buttler go to?

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Why did Jos Buttler leave Somerset?

Despite Somerset's desire to keep Buttler at the club, they were unable to reach an agreement which satisfied Buttler's desire to keep wicket, and at the end of the season he announced that he would be leaving Somerset with the aim of securing his international place and breaking into the England Test side.

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Is Ian Botham still with his wife?

The former England cricketer said he was forced to rebuild relationships with his wife, Kath, and their three children, after they discovered his betrayal. In a television interview to be broadcast Friday, Sir Ian said his 37-year marriage is now stronger than ever.

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Does Ben Stokes have a wife?

Stokes became engaged to Clare Ratcliffe in 2013. They married in East Brent, Somerset in October 2017. They have two children. Stokes has a tattoo of a family of lions, symbolising his own family, covering his entire back.

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Who is Jos Buttler Favourite cricketer?

Jos Buttler names his favourite cricketer from the current era. He ignored the likes of Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes, and Babar Azam. Buttler picks Rohit Sharma as his favourite cricketer.

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Is Jos Buttler a good cricketer?

Jos Buttler is one of the best white-ball batsman in the world. He opens for England in T20 and for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL T20.

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Where is Jos Buttler now?

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Is Jos Buttler retiring?

Buttler opened up on his retirement from cricket and said that he is keen to play for England a bit more. Buttler, however, dropped a major hint that he may let go of the ODI format to make himself available for franchise tournaments. Read More. Jos Buttler said he is keen to play for England for a bit longer.

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Is Jos Buttler a bowler?

A hard-hitting batsman and a wicket-keeper, Jos Buttler quickly built up a reputation for demolishing bowling attacks.

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How many years old is Virat Kohli?

Who is Jos Buttler married to? (2024)
Where is Jos Buttler house?

Jos Buttler owns a luxury designer house in Taunton, Somerset, England. Going by the average price of properties in Taunton, Somerset, as per rightmove.co.uk, the price of Jos Buttler's bungalow in the area can be calculated at nothing less than Rs 5 crore. Buttler lives in this home with his wife and daughter.

How much was Jos Buttler sold for?

Jos Buttler an IPL bargain after signing for Rajasthan Royals for under £490k. Rajasthan Royals have picked up an "absolute bargain" by signing England's Jos Buttler for under £490k in the Indian Premier League auction, says Nasser Hussain.

Why was Buttler dropped?

Wicketkeeper-batsman Buttler was dropped after a lacklustre return during England's woeful 4-0 Ashes series loss in Australia. Despite being one of the world's best white-ball run-scorers, the 31-year-old averages a modest 31.94 in Test cricket.

What does Ian Botham do now?

Ian Terence Botham, Baron Botham, OBE (born 24 November 1955) is an English cricket commentator, member of the House of Lords, a former cricketer who has been chairman of Durham County Cricket Club since 2017 and charity fundraiser.

Who is Liam Botham married to?

What does Liam Botham do now?

Post-playing career

Since retiring, Botham has run a sports travel company, established in 2016.

Who is Stokes ex girlfriend?

Madelyn Cline and ex-boyfriend Chase Stokes were able to remain "professional" while filming season 3 of Outer Banks after their breakup.

Has Stokes had a hair transplant?

England cricket captain Ben Stokes has opened up about how hair loss has affected his mental health — and how getting a hair transplant at the Wimpole Clinic has helped him overcome this.

Has Ben Stokes got any children?

Who is Virat Kohli Favourite cricketer?

Virat Kohli Names Ben Stokes As His Current Favorite Cricketer During An Interview With Asia Cup 2023 Official Broadcaster. On Monday, in response to remarks made by former South African cricketer Vaughn Herschel Gibbs.

Is Jos Buttler a MS Dhoni fan?

Jos Buttler talking about on MS Dhoni. He said "I am a huge Dhoni fan".

Who is Babar Azam Favourite cricketer?

"Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Kane Williamson are my favourite batters in the world. They're the top players in the world. They read the conditions well, which is why they are the best. I admire them," Babar Azam shared in an interview with Star Sports.

Who is better Buttler or Bairstow?

Bairstow has one more white ball hundred than Buttler and 5 more test match hundreds than Buttler, Bairstow has a higher ODI average (47.91 vs 38.72) and a better Test average (34.14 vs 31.94).


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