Why Ben Stokes is not bowling? (2024)

Why Ben Stokes is not bowling?

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What exactly happened to Ben Stokes?

The England Test captain had opted to go under the knife after his performance was significantly impacted throughout the 2023 season. Stokes' knee affected his game time and bowling performance, in particular, through the Indian Premier League, till the World Cup 2023.

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Why Ben Stokes is not playing in wc 2023?

As per reported by ICC, Stokes has been ruled out of the opening match of ICC Men's ODI World Cup 2023 after failing to overcome a hip injury in time.

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What does Ben Stokes suffer from?

The 32-year-old has been suffering from a chronic knee problem for in excess of a year, forcing him to play as a specialist batter for large swathes of the Ashes - he bowled just 38 overs across eight Tests this year - and throughout the ODI World Cup.

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Why did Ben Stokes retire from cricket?

After his World Cup heroics, Ben Stokes played only 10 ODIs as England adopted a strategy to balance players' workloads across various formats. Eventually, Stokes decided to step away from ODIs to extend his career in other formats.

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What is the tragedy that haunts Stokes family?

Deb Stokes' two children were murdered in 1988 by her former partner, Richard John Dunn. Stokes hadn't felt comfortable sharing details of a traumatic event in her past earlier in the recruitment process, despite knowing what she'd endured likely made her a good fit for the role.

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Will Ben Stokes play again?

Ben Stokes skips 2024 Indian Premier League to manage fitness and workload. Ben Stokes has made himself unavailable for next year's Indian Premier League. Stokes was bought by Chennai Super Kings for £1.65m last December, but struggled with his fitness and played only twice for his new franchise in the 2023 tournament.

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Who will replace Ben Stokes?

Aakash Chopra feels that Rachin Ravindra or Daryl Mitchell could be lined up by CSK to replace Ben Stokes. Stokes will not be participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season. This decision comes as a result of Stokes' commitment to managing his workload and ensuring his fitness is at its peak.

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Why is Kane Williamson not playing in World Cup?

While batting in a World Cup 2023 game against Bangladesh, Kane Williamson was hit on his thumb by a stray throw and hence it injured him, and he had to be retired hurt after scoring 78 runs. Scans later revealed that he had fractured his thumb.

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Is Kane Williamson out of World Cup?

New Delhi: The New Zealand cricket team on Tuesday confirmed that regular captain, Kane Williamson has been ruled out of their ODI World Cup 2023 match against South Africa at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune on Wednesday, the country's cricket board confirmed on Tuesday night.

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Is Ben Stokes on antidepressants?

The cricketer also said that he still takes anxiety medications regularly. England Test captain Ben Stokes has revealed he takes anxiety medication every day to help his battle with mental health issues.

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Who is Ben Stokes wife?

Stokes became engaged to Clare Ratcliffe in 2013. They married in East Brent, Somerset in October 2017. They have two children.

Why Ben Stokes is not bowling? (2024)
Has Ben Stokes lost weight?

'I lost 5kg in a week': Ben Stokes reveals 'dramatic weight loss' England players suffered in 4th Test | Cricket - Hindustan Times.

Why Stokes is not playing?

Ben Stokes, Chennai Super Kings' England allrounder, has made himself unavailable for IPL 2024 to manage his workload and fitness. The franchise, in a statement on their website, said they were "supportive of Ben in his decision".

Will Ben Stokes retire after World Cup 2023?

England batter Ben Stokes has said he has no idea if the World Cup 2023 match against Pakistan will be his final ODI match. Stokes had announced his retirement from ODI cricket last year. However, in a surprising turn of events, he reversed his decision on August 16, 2023, just ahead of the World Cup held in India.

Will Ben Stokes play IPL 2024?

Ben Stokes has been released by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and won't play in the 2024 IPL due to his knee surgery.

What happened to Ben Stokes father?

Stokes's father Ged, a celebrated rugby league player and coach from New Zealand, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2019, and died a year later at the age of 65. Stokes cut short his summer in 2020 to visit his father for one final time in Christchurch, and the cameras travelled with him.

What did Ben Stokes father do?

Gerard James Stokes (1956 – 8 December 2020) was a New Zealand rugby league footballer who played in the 1970s and 1980s, and coached in the 1980s through to the 2010s, who represented New Zealand. He was a coach of the Serbian national side. He is father of English international cricketer Ben Stokes.

Why did Ben Stokes sue The Sun?

Ben Stokes and his mother are suing The Sun over a story about the cricketer's tragic family past. The England all-rounder said the newspaper had published "extremely painful, sensitive and personal details" about his family last month. He condemned the report as "utterly disgusting".

Will Ben Stokes get paid for IPL?

CSK paid INR 16.25 crore to sign Stokes in the IPL 2023 auctions.

Why is Ben Stokes injured?

Stokes is currently recovering from an injury of his own - a chronic left knee issue which required surgery at the end of November, accompanied by the message "rehab starts now".

Which team buy Ben Stokes in IPL 2024?

Stokes decided not to participate in the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) to manage his workload and fitness. After being bought by Chennai Super Kings for a significant sum, he played only two games in 2023 due to fitness issues.

Did Ben Stokes retire?

England's Test captain Ben Stokes shocked the world by announcing his retirement from ODI cricket in the summer of 2022 and now he has pretty much done the same by returning to the fold ahead of the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Is Ben Stokes a finisher?

5) Ben Stokes

His remarkable strike rate of 95.1 and average of 39 across 105 ODIs perfectly capture his abilities as a finisher.

Was Ben Stokes run out?

Ben Stokes survived a run-out opportunity after Australia wicketkeeper Alex Carey appeared to fail to gather the ball cleanly when dislodging the bail.


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